Reykjavík Blues

Really looking forward to this, I love going out on small concerts and share some beautiful music and a drink or two with good friends.

blúshátíð_AprílAlso this is a pretty cool poster. I really like the design as should be evident when compared to my own.



Repurposing Toys and Tools


The shelves at the entrance of my home have now been reorganized and prettified by yours truly. It’s makes coming home a more pleasant experience when chaos doesn’t greet you when you walk in.

The masks are part of costumes from Halloween and Öskudagurinn (the Ash Day in straight translation, an Icelandic holiday where children dress up and sing to get candy).



My boys’ toys now multitask by being toys as well as decorative. It’s nice to give them a new purpose, and it’s made the boys rediscover them and now want to play with them again.

I love using unconventional things for decor.


Our friends wedding invitation. This gives me serious invitation design envy.


Two of my most prized cards we got when we got married. The writing is my ideal blend, humor and love.


Our globe and a meat axe I saved from getting binned. I was cleaning in the storage room and came across some really old tools at my old work. I was told to chuck everything but I couldn’t. I took most of it to one of our national museums but they didn’t want the meat axe, or something. So it ended up with me. A pretty cool item.

They’re standing on a wooden box I purchased at Reykjavík’s flea market, Kolaportið.

By design

Here is a copy of mine and my husbands wedding invitation, we designed on our lonesome. Bodskort I am very proud of it. The invitation says:

Berglind and Benedikt are celebrating their marriage with a

huge party!

Saturday, the 13th of August

Garðaholt, samkomuhúsi Garðabæjar, 210 Garðabæ

Starts at 19:00

Show up hungry, thirsty and ready to dance!

Houseband Mars

will be supplying the music and the actresss

Erla Steinþórsdóttir will be hosting the event

This was so much fun to make and in fact, it was through this process that I began to realize that I secretly wanted to be a designer. I don’t even care if I ever “make it” professionally. I would rather be poor and doing what I love than unhappy, working a nine-to-five just so I can have a bigger house/more expensive cars/whatever other things I don’t  really need. Or as they say: YOLO!