Viking Sushi

Stykkishólmur is a small town about two hours drive from Reykjavík. It’s my husband’s hometown. It is absolutely beautiful, with many old houses that have recently been renovated, a small church and two or three restaurants and/or cafés that are definitely worth a visit.

The harbor is filled with small boats and on the dock there a restaurant that offers fish soup and catch of the day. It’s so nice to sit there on the terrace and enjoy a meal or drinks. A tiny island rises tall in the background, giving the scenery a spectacular twist.

There is also a travel agency, Seatours, that offers rides in the sea, and something they call Viking Sushi. Behold:


Viking sushi goes really well with a glass of white wine. Or two.


The crabs were just set loose into the ocean again. There’s not a tradition for eating them raw, I don’t think. That’s me holding one of those cute little squirmy lovelies.

krabbi hólmurinn

The starfish are also just dunked back to the sea. This one seems to be regrowing one of it’s limbs. They do that you know.



I was like, uber pregnant, so, no alcohol or raw fish for me. Bad timing on my part. The trip was fantastic though.

égoghubbyThe scenery out in the ocean is something to write a blog about.






Now Isn’t That Lovely

Now Isn't That Lovely

My own wine bar. I will be collecting the plethora of Icelandic wines that have made their debut over the last few years (none of which are pictured above).
Related to this, I will be covering and picturing all the Icelandic beers, of which there are many, courtesy of all the quaint little breweries that have started in this our little isle of Ice.


They’re pretty awesome, the beers. One company has even made mead, a carbonated wine brewed out of honey. Which was a pretty common drink in Iceland, for hundreds and hundreds of years and up until like circa 1850, if I’m remembering correctly.